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  1. Hey Claudette, it’s Natascha. I just read your blog on me for the 1st time just now and every word was dead on. I abandoned you and for that I am deeply troubled and sad. I wish I was the person that you met so many years ago. I am definitely trying to be better and I don’t take our friendship for granted.
    I want you to know that your opinion and feelings are very important to me. I’ve just been so ducking self-absorbed that I didn’t see the impact I was having on you.

    I won’t apologize because that isn’t helpful and can’t fix what was long broken. I can only continue to try my hard by showing you that you matter to me and that you are am important person in my life.

    Natascha xoxox

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    1. No worries, we are talking now. Which post did you read? The broken connection one?

      Clearly I’m still uncomfortable with abandonment… but I can’t control what others do, only my reaction to them. Sigh.

      All good, Natascha.


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