Welcome to my website

My name is Claudette and this is my online home. Thanks for dropping by! Browse the toolbar or menu, and head on over to my blog and stay a while!

To follow my blog, scroll down to the footer.


49 things about me which is a couple of years old but still up to date. Then there’s the lovely thing a fellow (former) blogger wrote about me but he’s since disappeared from the blog world. More here.


Daily ramble interspersed with some creative writing, attempts at poetry, rants, dog and other pet stories, family anecdotes that will make both me and you cringe, and anything else that populates my grey matter. Go to blog.


My book, The Man from the South, was released by my alter-ego Cassandra Lincoln in early 2021 and available for US$2.99.

Creative stories can be found in the Writing tab.

Erotic stories can be found in the Erotica tab.

Music Lovers

Multi-chapter romantic story with an erotic edge.

Click here to read.

Samantha meets Adam under bizarre circumstances and begins a romantic adventure. Some sexual content.

Premium Content for subscribers as indicated.


Follow along my journey of discovering tarot cards.

Click here to read.

There’s a youtube channel where I chat casually about some of the cards. I do not do readings.

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