I’m learning about tarot cards! Join me and don’t forget to comment your experiences and perspectives.\

Youtube channel: Tarot Tuesdays for Writer of Words etc blog

Tarot Tuesdays – The launch

Tarot Supplement – What’s in the cards

Tarot Tuesdays I – Jumping right in

Tarot Supplement youtube – Feedback please: new youtube channel

Tarot Tuesdays II – The Hanged Man is stalking me

Tarot Supplement – Elements fire, earth, water and air

Tarot Tuesdays III – Is the Ten of Swords all doom and gloom

Tarot Supplement youtube – Watch “Tarot Supplement – Major Arcana cards the Emperor and the Devil” on YouTube

Tarot Supplement – The Emperor and the Devil

Tarot Tuesdays IV – Spreads and questions to ask

Tarot Supplement – a brief introduction into the Minor Arcana fives (with the write-up coming next Tuesday)

Tarot Tuesdays V – The fives in the Minor Arcana

Tarot Tuesdays VI – The Hierophant (in reverse) plus a 3 minute youtube clip

Tarot Supplement – Selecting three cards in a youtube clip (King of Cups, Hermit and Tower reversed)



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