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Tarot Tuesday blog posts (bi-weekly)

Please note I have archived a long list of Tarot Tuesday posts. Please check this list for new releases which I publish on my blog, free of charge, every other Tuesday of each month.

Readings on TikTok


I read tarot here on tiktok a few times a week most weeks. 🧙🔮 CHECK OUT ARTICLES on my website – hit the blog or tarot tab: ***writerofwordsetc.ca/tarot*** 🪄✨🪄✨🪄 #ClaudetteTarot #claudettetarotlibra #claudettetarotintuitive #tarot #writerofwordsetc #foryou #fyp #aboutme

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Store for PDFs extended readings

My store features deeper analysis and extended readings I do on TikTok or via blog posts as PDFs. There are both free of charge and for purchase PDFs available in my store. Requests welcome. I do not currently do live or personal readings. Please contact me if you’d like help reading your cards.

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