Playing around with my youtube channel

When you’re not feeling well, or overwhelmed, and the words don’t come out, there’s always other technology to play around with, right?

Well I played around with youtube. 🙂

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Before I begin…

… with Tarot Tuesday, I thought I’d chat your ears off for 10 minutes. (Sorry not sorry) PS – tested the sound on two devices. I managed to hear although once or twice I faded out. I hope you can hear my voice, let me know if you can’t. I will write up a description about the Ace of Wands and the Seven of Wands in a separate post so we can all learn the tarot, tap into our own intuition, and engage among each other. Stay tuned. And thank you for reading and watching! You can follow this series … Continue reading Before I begin…

Tarot Tuesdays – the Hierophant V

Welcome to another Tarot Tuesday: here is a 3 minute clip from my new youtube channel introducing the Hierophant Major Arcana card, pulled in upright and reverse positions.

One day about a week and a half ago I pulled three tarot cards, one of which was the Hierophant. I pulled him in the upright position and did a quick read-up on what it was all about.

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Tarot Tuesdays – the fives in the Minor Arcana

I introduced a glimpse into the fives of the Minor Arcana cards in this youtube video on my new channel (and chatted with you about a few other things, as well). Today, I’m digging deeper into the meaning of the fives. Thank you for joining me on another Tarot Tuesday.

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A youtube tarot tease – a little chat about life, and a glimpse into the 5s

I did a little chat on youtube on my new Tarot channel, but spent about half the video talking about other things. 🙂 Let me know what you think, please feel free to subscribe (it’s free!) or like/comment on the channel. I’m still getting to know the ins and outs of youtube-ing, and your participation would help me out. Thank you in advance for watching and listening! And don’t worry, I won’t stop writing. 🙂 I’m going to do a write-up of the fives in the Minor Arcana cards (Five of Wands, Five of Swords, Five of Pentacles and Five … Continue reading A youtube tarot tease – a little chat about life, and a glimpse into the 5s

Tarot supplement – The Emperor and the Devil

Yesterday, I had an hour of quiet privacy, so I recorded this YouTube video on my new channel to introduce the cards I chose a few days prior, which I analyzed in more wordy (!) detail in this post.

Side note: I’m trying to figure out how things work on youtube, so if you’d like to subscribe, you’d be doing me a favour. Just make sure you subscribe the channel linked above; I have another similar channel which I am trying to get rid of – sorry for the confusion. The clip above is just over 5 minutes long (short). 😉

Tarot cards analysis

On May 20 I chose the following cards during my semi-daily reading:

I was a little shocked at these cards. Why?

Because they’re all Major Arcanas.

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