Words, interrupted

Truth has many versions. Let me show you mine.

You keep creeping back into my subconscious. Why? Can’t you let me go?

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About Writer of Words etc 2022

Back in 2018 I wrote a long list of 49 facts about me. Many are still true, but others not so much. So I wrote a new version for 2022.

One thing I came across while researching my old About page was this post: The least interesting thing about me. πŸ˜€

It earned 60 likes and many comments. Some of you posted your least interesting thing about you in the comments, remember Justine, Cheryl, Michael, Walter, nananoyz, bereavedsingledad, SwingedCat, Matt, LA, Deb, Ashley, Rivergirl, Angie, Teresa?

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Writing based on prompts with or without emojis

The other day I read a bunch of post by bloggers who joined Bloganuary.

Essentially, they are fed a topic each day during the month of January which inspires bloggers to write something on that day’s topic.

I didn’t join.

I admitted this on LA’s blog in the comments when SwingedCat accused me pointed out that I like emojis.

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Writing to turn the negative pull into uplifting cheer

I woke up an hour later than usual this morning and I felt it simmering deep in my core.

*It* being an unidentifiable something. The onset of depression? Some other emotional upheaval?

Hormone fluctuations?

Maybe it’s the change in weather. Or the doom and gloom on the news I sometimes watch when I join my mom in the tv room.

(Note to self: stay out of the tv room.)

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How life has changed and a few other updates

I’ve been co-parenting my teens while not living at home. It’s been… interesting.

Did you know teens are not chatty? I mean, all this time when I was home with them they stared at their phones, chatted with friends, yada yada… they knew I was there, in the background, ready to pour food into their little gullets, but they didn’t really interact with me too much. Which is completely normal teenage behaviour, I’m not complaining here. They have their lives back now that lockdowns have been eliminated (for how long though? ugh…) Chatting with mom was just not… done. Or something.

Unless they were hungry. πŸ˜›

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Learning sex essays

I’ve traveled down memory lane back to my University dorm and wrote out a bunch of memories. There are now 4 essays posted on my If Not Now When publication under the Sexuality tab about my coming-of-age lessons in sex and sexuality. If this isn’t me pushing comfort zones then I don’t know what is! πŸ˜› Your discomfort does not inhibit my creativity. I decided to cross-post the newest essay here on my blog for you to read in case you cannot access the Medium platform. I know they have a quota if you’re not a member or subscriber. Ask … Continue reading Learning sex essays

The challenge with living in the present

Has anyone ever advised you to live in the present? To be focused on the here and now and not worry so much about past or future?

Sometimes, this is easier said than done, but I have noticed one thing:

When we shut out all the external and internal noise, it’s amazing what we can accomplish.

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