Just another brain dump

Coffee outside is how may day begins today.

I have a headache. Not a “I’m sick, I have covid” headache, more like a dull ache coming from my neck.

I wonder if having a massage with a mask will be as effective as it was before covid, without a mask…My person usually has the massage room filled with low light and a pleasant scent from some relaxing essential oils. Is this still going to be a thing now with mask wearing in indoor places? Are scents still something we can continue to enjoy under conditions like during a massage? Continue reading “Just another brain dump”

Music, writing and the first chapter is posted

This blog post was written while listening to the instrumental version of

With or Without You by U2

Powerful music to influence and inspire.

I didn’t know who Alan Cohen is but he said this cool quote:

Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect. Continue reading “Music, writing and the first chapter is posted”