The fog is lifting… back to blogging?

Yesterday I blogged a little, after a long absence. In my post, I talked a bit about writer’s block. I even mentioned, in passing, that the tarot cards might help me out, or bring clarity.

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Tarot Tuesday – The World, The King of Swords in reverse, and some crystal talk

I finally organized my tarot table in my room aka sanctuary and I am so very happy to have a designated space to sit and mediate, read tarot cards, or just be pensive and contemplative.

Check it out!

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Endless possibilities abound

This was me at my Sunday evening event.

I gotta tell you, I’m riding a high here that has me filled with such joy and happiness – if you get a chance to go to an immersive show (Van Gogh is one of many, we also have Claude Monet and Gustav Klimt in Toronto) you must go!

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About my beads: lava rocks, rose quartz

If you know someone who celebrates Chinese New Year please share this post with them!

Thank you!

As you may know I’ve been designing beaded jewelry. Lately, I’ve become fascinated with lava beads featured heavily in my recent designs. I ordered some kits and experimented with mixing lava rock, rose quartz, agate, howlite, glass and medal beads together into simple but unique designs.

It might be worth noting I never heard of lava beads before. Turns out many people haven’t.

So here is a description of some the specialty beads I use in my designs, simplified.

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If you’re in the GTA you’re invited!

I live in the Greater Toronto Area and I have been invited to a Holiday Pop Up market as a vendor. This will take place in Alderwood, a tiny neighbourhood at the bottom of the 427. I don’t live in that neighbourhood, but that’s where the pop up market will be at. So. Email me for the address and come on by on Sunday December 12 in the afternoon between 2:30 and 5 and check out my jewelry and other crafts made by local vendors. Note: I take custom orders for bracelets, necklaces, earrings or anything else you can think … Continue reading If you’re in the GTA you’re invited!

Side-hustle: beaded jewelry update

The other day I saw a young lady I follow on social media. She posted a selfie on instagram.

Imagine my surprise when I saw her wearing one of my bee pendant necklaces! Her mom had bought a bunch of my jewelry which I shipped to Texas and lo, her daughter was wearing it while on social media.

So happy she liked it! ❤

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