Wearing the chauffeur hat on the west coast

I’m a mom of sporty kids, right? My kids spent most of their childhood being schlepped to and from rinks, to and from baseball diamonds, to and from gymnastics gyms, to and from track and field facilities, and to and from tournaments.

But right now, I’m chauffeuring around Vancouver in my brother’s car.

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Tarot Tuesday – The World, The King of Swords in reverse, and some crystal talk

I finally organized my tarot table in my room aka sanctuary and I am so very happy to have a designated space to sit and mediate, read tarot cards, or just be pensive and contemplative.

Check it out!

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How do you read blogs *results*

I found some of the results surprising. Thank you for responding to the survey questions, those of you who did!

By the way I realize I could have made this survey into a poll which would have been easier to answer, but WordPress won’t show the poll in Reader and you’d have to click around to get to it which is annoying for both you and me. So I did it the old fashioned (i.e. cumbersome) way.

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Kicking the pity party to the curb

Yesterday, two people walked right past me, literally a foot distance from my physical person.

They knew I was there, waiting for them.

They walked past me and into the parking lot like their life depended on it.

I thought, have I reverted to being invisible again?

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Endless possibilities abound

This was me at my Sunday evening event.

I gotta tell you, I’m riding a high here that has me filled with such joy and happiness – if you get a chance to go to an immersive show (Van Gogh is one of many, we also have Claude Monet and Gustav Klimt in Toronto) you must go!

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2/02/2022 at 2:22 pm

Today has been a day. When I started this post it wasn’t even even 2 pm yet and I was already exhausted.

Speaking of 2… did you know today is February 2, 2022? And at some time in the afternoon it will be 2:22 pm?

2/02/22, 2:22 pm

Someone research the meaning of 2 and let us know in the comments… I don’t have time today. :O

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About Writer of Words etc 2022

Back in 2018 I wrote a long list of 49 facts about me. Many are still true, but others not so much. So I wrote a new version for 2022.

One thing I came across while researching my old About page was this post: The least interesting thing about me. 😀

It earned 60 likes and many comments. Some of you posted your least interesting thing about you in the comments, remember Justine, Cheryl, Michael, Walter, nananoyz, bereavedsingledad, SwingedCat, Matt, LA, Deb, Ashley, Rivergirl, Angie, Teresa?

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