Tuesday happiness

Tuesday is usually my favorite day of the week.

This morning however started off not so good. Actually, the grief carried over from last night, but I’ll spare you the issues.

I’m determined to get my Tuesday back. I’m going to be happy today! Or, at least content.

I have reasons for happiness if I can let go the crappy stuff. Like these: Continue reading “Tuesday happiness”

Ode to Tuesday

My absolute favorite day of the week is Tuesday.

Perhaps some people don’t have a preference over a specific day of the week. But many do. It seems to me that few people likes Mondays. Some people love Fridays; there’s even a hashtag for that (#tgif). Many people look forward to the weekend days, Saturday and Sunday (and those people probably coincide with the Monday haters).

Well, I like Tuesday. Continue reading “Ode to Tuesday”