Summer storms and changes of plans

Three times the radio interrupted the crappy songs it was playing in order to update us on some tornado warning.

It happened during yesterday’s drive home from my mom’s place. The weather apps indicated storms were brewing. But then, with this incredible humid air sticking around for weeks now, thunderstorms have been regular occurrences lately. Continue reading “Summer storms and changes of plans”

More creativity out of the pandemic kitchen

Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures. My phone obviously needs its eye cleaned…

I don’t have much fresh stuff in the house anymore (it’s been 7 days we’ve been staying home) and I feel too uninspired to venture out so I created a new salad with what I still have on hand.

Clearly, I’m not social distancing from my fridge as per my previous post… (ha).

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More creativity out of my pandemic kitchen

So we’re keeping sane being under house arrest. Mostly by doing creative things. Like cooking. And art. And perfecting the art of Call of Duty gaming. (I don’t know…ask a teenager.)

Rice and corn casserole topped with cheese. Missing, greens…

It’s funny, really, I read about lock-downs in many places across the globe and they’re all talking about school work being assigned to children.


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Diversions, distractions…the new normal has begun

Alright, it appears many people will be staying home either for precautionary or enforced reasons. Which means, the internet will be booming.


We need our daily fix, our online entertainment, especially now. I don’t know how long people can binge-watch over a period of two, three or more weeks, especially with the weather finally changing a little, for the better (at least here in Toronto).

I hope wifi becomes an essential service… 😀

I for one prefer reading (and writing) to watching shows. But I suspect I will be watching some shows, just for a change of pace…

Here’s the latest recap from Toronto: Continue reading “Diversions, distractions…the new normal has begun”

The sushi date that wasn’t

Last night my daughter and I were to meet her aunt and two adult cousins in Toronto’s Beaches community for dinner at a Japanese restaurant. Sushi was on the menu.

Originally the plan was for my whole family to go. In about three weeks it’ll be my son’s birthday and the extended family wanted to see him. The aunt in question (my SIL) lives about three hours east of us but was flying out of Toronto on Saturday for business which is why she was coming into town.

Turns out the boys have hockey.

But, as these things go, there was all kinds of hoopla and adventure in a simple dinner date plan. Because this is what life is like around here, as many of you know. 🙄

This is also one of the main reasons I blog. May as well entertain the masses thirty-or-so people who read here. 😂

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