The stress is building…but not about the virus

I’m stressed. Apparently we’re going to be moving. Did you know this? Neither did I. 😬

So while I’m trying to de-stress my post-boot-camp body and de-stress my brain with this endless moving-not-moving situation, I turn on the tv for some up to date info on this freaking virus and… Continue reading “The stress is building…but not about the virus”

Camping vs Glamping (and no walkers hunting you down)

When I think about camping these days, images of the Walking Dead survivor group comes to mind. I see them way back at the beginning when Shane was in charge (sort of) camped out by a quarry. I see them after they escaped Herschel’s farm, reconvened after a herd of walkers tore apart their sanctuary, and Rick declaring the group a dictatorship: “This isn’t a democracy anymore”. He had just killed Shane and Andrea was missing…and they were camping in the forest with nothing but their clothes on their backs. Oh, and Lori was pregnant…

The group camps out of necessity and because there is no other option. Continue reading “Camping vs Glamping (and no walkers hunting you down)”