Sound check with Sonja the teenager

My daughter helped me do a sound check on a bluetooth microphone which wasn’t working properly the last time I tried using it and so I solicited her help.

Teenagers know everything, right? 😀

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How life has changed and a few other updates

I’ve been co-parenting my teens while not living at home. It’s been… interesting.

Did you know teens are not chatty? I mean, all this time when I was home with them they stared at their phones, chatted with friends, yada yada… they knew I was there, in the background, ready to pour food into their little gullets, but they didn’t really interact with me too much. Which is completely normal teenage behaviour, I’m not complaining here. They have their lives back now that lockdowns have been eliminated (for how long though? ugh…) Chatting with mom was just not… done. Or something.

Unless they were hungry. 😛

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An adorable little rant*

*About back to school.

I asked my teens when they’re going back to school.

I bet you know what they said. Nothing, that’s what. They don’t know because they don’t check because they don’t care.

I don’t even blame them.

But I want to know what is going on because I’m a mom and I want everyone out of this godforsaken house while I continue to stay here part-time(ish) and it would really help me if I had an iota of an idea what the eff is happening with school now that the pandemic is over (and starting again but whatever).

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My son’s last quadmester (4th semester consisting of two subjects due to remote/virtual learning) began a couple of weeks ago. It will run until the end of June, probably online. And then, he’ll have graduated grade 10 from inside of his bedroom. Thank you Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Ford. You are both equally to blame. (Don’t at me unless you’re Justin or Doug, I’m not going to rant and debate about this today.)

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16 years ago

As I type this shortly after lunch, I would have still been in labour 16 years ago today. Contractions began at 2 am so I was driven to hospital where they declared me dilated enough to remain in hospital, but it would still be hours before the baby was born. 🎉🎂

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A ramble about the weekend

I had a relapse last night. And by relapse I mean several things, but especially my neck and spine injury which I managed to aggravate somehow just as I was feeling better. 😟

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