Alone in a coffee shop at night

There is a coffee shop in Canada called Tim Horton’s (Tim’s for short) that is ubiquitous with hockey families. Often, you will find a Tim’s near a rink, especially older arenas. Actually, there are Tim’s everywhere in the city, including near schools, churches and on every street corner.

I’m currently sitting in such a Tim’s on this snowy, Sunday night.

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For all the tea in China…

(Note: check out the comments for more ideas on tea preparation)

Back in my flight attendant days, we used to fly to the UK every summer.

On these trips, we were told to serve tea first and coffee second (whereas on most other flights, coffee was the predominant choice and served first).

The way we served the tea was with a stainless steel teapot in one hand, and a tray in the other. The tray contained a small container with milk, a little bowl of sugar packs, and another bowl of sliced up lemon.

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