Tarot Supplement – The Judgement card

The Judgement is a Major Arcana card and appears right before the final card The World in the tarot deck.

I drew this card along with The King of Swords and The Lovers in reverse, both of which deserve their own analysis.

In this post, I will analyze the Judgement card, and see how it applies to life.

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Tarot Tuesdays – Is the Ten of Swords all doom and gloom?

Do you remember when I talked about stalker cards during a tarot reading? Stalker cards are cards that appear repeatedly over a period of time. It’s almost like the tarot is trying to say “Why didn’t you listen to me before? Here, I will repeat it for you.”

I pulled the Ten of Swords four times between April 18 and May 1 (doing a daily reading of three cards most days). So I thought we should dig deeper into its meaning.

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