Tarot Tuesdays – the Star card

I drew the Star card for the first time last weekend while making plans for the next chapter in my life.

Naturally, I was intrigued. I pulled this card in a sequence of three cards, like I usually draw, but like the last time, one card jumped the deck. This is the spread:

The King of Swords was the card that jumped the deck. It means something (but what?). I’ll go investigate this in a minute.

The Two of Cups and the Ace of Swords I placed on my past and future spot on my paper, and will look at later.

For now, I’m interested in the present. As you know from this post, my present has a bit of upheaval in it, but in a good way. I’m interested in seeing what this Major Arcana card, the Star, has to tell me.

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Before I begin…

… with Tarot Tuesday, I thought I’d chat your ears off for 10 minutes. (Sorry not sorry) PS – tested the sound on two devices. I managed to hear although once or twice I faded out. I hope you can hear my voice, let me know if you can’t. I will write up a description about the Ace of Wands and the Seven of Wands in a separate post so we can all learn the tarot, tap into our own intuition, and engage among each other. Stay tuned. And thank you for reading and watching! You can follow this series … Continue reading Before I begin…

Tarot Supplement – eerily accurate cards

A funny thing happened while I was shuffling. One card flew out! My instinct was to pick it up and shove it back into the deck, but every professional tarot reader would have my head if I did that. They say the universe, or spirit, are communicating with me and that the wayward card fell out for a reason.

I picked it up and saw it was the Four of Swords. The other cards behaved themselves, so I pulled them from the deck myself.

If you want to see or hear me talk about the cards, click on this post which has a 5-minutes youtube video of me talking about these cards briefly.

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Tarot Supplement – The Judgement card

The Judgement is a Major Arcana card and appears right before the final card The World in the tarot deck.

I drew this card along with The King of Swords and The Lovers in reverse, both of which deserve their own analysis.

In this post, I will analyze the Judgement card, and see how it applies to life.

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Tarot Tuesdays – The Moon

In recent weeks, the moon in the sky had featured prominently both in our daily lives and all over the news media. There were full moons and strawberry moons and an eclipse… Unsurprisingly, the moon is on my mind.

Interestingly, the Moon tarot card itself doesn’t seem to appear very often; for me, it hasn’t at all. I have not drawn the Moon XVIII Major Arcana card at all in the months I’ve been learning the tarot.

My mom has her own deck of cards, and every once in a while she sends me a text to let me know what cards she pulled. She did see the Moon card appear at least once, but she said she didn’t like its messages.

I decided to dig a little deeper into the Moon card mainly to educate mom (who reads this blog) as well as myself and others who have an interest in learning more about tarot card reading and interpretation.

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A quick update and some questions for you

I have two half-posts ready for Tarot Tuesdays but they sound odd. They are not ready to publish. I may skip this week and get back to my scheduled Tuesday series next week.

I also have another post almost ready where I complain about a comment Penny made on The Big Bang Theory. It hit a nerve. Allow me to give you a glimpse: old people are ugly.

Ya… no. I’m not in the right mood to address this comment today. 😛

AND, I have a lovely photo post almost ready to publish describing my first venture out to lunch at an outdoor patio. That happened last week when I spent six days with mom in the suburbs. On a whim, we decided to go to the old part of town and have pizza. They renovated the entire downtown along the Lakeshore, and it was really cute to go wander around and find a place to have lunch after the excruciating 16+ months of being locked up like inmates.

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