Beagle shenanigans: a new update

When I returned home from visiting my mom I discovered that the naughty puppy had dug three fresh holes in the new lawn.

New being a relative term; it was new last year. The weeds have already started growing back in so it doesn’t look as new as it did last year anymore.

And with the holes now?

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Today my writing and concentration are beyond erratic. I keep jumping around, can’t seem to grasp one idea to run with, can’t seem to develop what I’ve already started, can’t seem to focus…so I decided to jot down the things that entered my head and begin a bunch of draft folders. I’ll pick them up another time when my mind is calmer and I’m in a better headspace.

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Winter weather with hyacinths and daffodils

In my south-western corner of Toronto the daffodils and hyacinths are in full bloom. They don’t mind some cold weather; in fact, they are hardy enough that they do better in cold than in warm temperatures.

Remember the little house story I told a while back?

Well the garden is exploding with these flowers at the moment. Despite the suffocating dead foliage and other debris in the neglected garden, these bright coloured flowers are peeking through the drab browns and greys, and awaken my senses for spring.

Just in time for a freaking snow storm.

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Random thoughts while sitting in the sunshine

For as long as we owned the house (20 years) this asshat behind us used to blare his music across the entire neighbourhood. It didn’t matter what time of day or night it was, he was having a party and playing his music with open windows.

This weekend I sat outside and did some yard work for the bulk of the day and reveled in the fact that all I could hear was children playing, dogs barking occasionally, or other random backyard noises. No music, not even quiet music.

It was almost like the neighbours were being respectful. 😳

There’s a reason for that. The asshat has moved away. 🙂🎉🤩🎊

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