Questions for Americans

My daughter mentioned something to me that I did not know.

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Who’s monitoring screen-time now?

I’m probably going to delete this later.

Remember back about a month ago when monitoring screen-time was all the rage? 😶

I don’t know if I should shrug my shoulders, roll my eyes, or cry.

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Munchables, snacks and other food distractions

I didn’t grow up with snacks. My mom didn’t buy them and so I didn’t have access to them.

Once I had my own money I didn’t want to spend it on junk, so I never really developed the habit of mindlessly, subconsciously, shoving crap down my throat while vegging out in front of the tv.

My own family is so different. The kids inherited the snacking gene from his side. They don’t even know what it feels like to watch tv/youtube/netflix or whatever they watch these days without snacks… Continue reading “Munchables, snacks and other food distractions”

It’s 5 o’clock…I’m hungry!

It is perfectly normal to feel hungry around 5 pm, right?

5 pm to me does not imply more snacks are imminent. Snacks are supposed to tie you over to dinner, rather than fill you up. A snack is available for my kids after school. They should, theoretically, be able to hold off on eating after snack time and before dinner. Continue reading “It’s 5 o’clock…I’m hungry!”