Intermittent Fasting for health and weight management

Thursday was a day of carbs. The entire week was carby, the worst kind too – white flour and sugar – and I knew that bad feeling would hit me soon.

It did. Thursday night I felt bloated, heavy, ugly, icky, lethargic, itchy, tired and moody. Not to mention my stretchy leggings were feeling snugger than they should.

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Elusive sleep

Imagine, a hangover. But not from cocktails. A heavy head, filled with fog. Thick and soupy, full of words that won’t transmit. Distractions. A fantasy filled with desire and hope. Longing. There is no time, no peace, no focus. But it will come. It has to. The story takes shape, slowly, like the torso of a snowman. Getting bigger, fatter. Until it melts. Again. Sleep eludes. The wifi beckons. It never sleeps. Maybe the words will form at dawn. Maybe not. Continue reading Elusive sleep

Sleep hygiene: the evolution of bedtime routines

Everyone is tired all the time, right?

Well, I’m not. 😉 Not lately, that is…

I go to bed relatively early to read or watch TV, now that I can. It didn’t used to be this way, my second baby didn’t sleep by herself, or through the night, till age 4 and a half.

Talk to me about sleep deprivation, and I got stories to tell you. (But I’ll save those for another day…)

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Not sleeping like a baby

Who coined the phrase ‘sleeps like a baby’?

I would like that person to step forward and explain this statement to me.

Were they a parent of a baby?

I bet they were not.

I mean, I don’t know too many babies that sleep the way it’s implied in that statement. Certainly not my babies. Most certainly not my second baby.

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