Pandemic family adventures and a brief hospital commentary

Yesterday afternoon, 3/4 of my family entered my parents’ house and went about making some modifications to it. Continue reading “Pandemic family adventures and a brief hospital commentary”

Noises other people make

I came across an article that smacked me upside the head in a aha! moment when suddenly, things start to make so much more sense.

The article is called The Other as Noise and talks about a condition called Misophonia.

There are different ways to define this condition. Continue reading “Noises other people make”

Solo parenting, a diner visit and a bit of a ramble

So day one of being all alone with my teen, his dad and sister gone for a few days, has passed with ease and grace.

Surprise! 🙂

We had to go to a baseball uniform fitting at a nearby rink yesterday evening, but first I took him out to dinner at a diner. Continue reading “Solo parenting, a diner visit and a bit of a ramble”