Love is a battlefield

Song by Pat Benatar, released 1983.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on love. These are thoughts and observations which I translated into words as a method of processing.


Love has many avenues: family, romantic, self…

I suck at showing it to others. At expressing it. I always mess it up.

Either that or I suck at communication.

Probably that second part, mostly.

Do they see it when I show it? Do they hear it? Feel it?

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Getting to know one another: questions and answers

Thank you Michael of Kuched for having nominated me for an award.

I will answer his questions first, then nominate my list of people below along with my set of questions.

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The wake-up routines of now and then

There was an episode on the long-running sitcom Frasier years ago that stuck to my brain. Well, several of them do, I really enjoyed that show, but one in particular seems to enter my mind quite frequently. It’s the one where, if I remember correctly, his dad moved in with him and the father-son team are adjusting to living together under this new dynamic.

Frasier liked his morning routine to be Just So. His father, being older and harbouring a hip disability, has his own ideas of how mornings should run and he disrupts his son’s routine completely. At one point Frasier loses it and starts yelling and waving his arms around complaining that his paper is not in front of his door, and when he locates it it’s no longer in the right order, or crisp and unwrinkled…anyway, he is all freaked out and complaining to his dad. It’s funny.

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