Fed up

Earlier today I texted a friend that I had a list and I was going to be productive and get things done. After all, it was raining, gloomy and cold; what better time to stay indoors and get some chores tackled?

My friend checked in with me a few hours later assuming, incorrectly, that I had accomplished at least some of the tasks.

He was, of course, wrong.

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The day the ceiling tried to crush me

Disclaimer: This post deteriorates from anecdotal to ranty. Sorry not sorry.

When I was 18 my dentist said I needed to have my wisdom teeth pulled.

So I went and the orthodontist pulled them.

He sent me home with a script for codeine, and my mom tucked me into bed to sleep it off.

When I woke up, I felt a momentary flash of panic.

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More daily walk observations from Toronto

Disclaimer: swearing ahead. (#sorrynotsorry)

This is the continuation of my walk which I posted earlier.

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Go ahead, hit me with more

Warning. rant ahead.

This *hit me* is a stupid expression that has become politically incorrect in the social climes of today but I can’t think of a better way to say what’s on my mind.

Life happened. Again.


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Here’s what happened when I saw Kafka’s bug

Today I saw a giant, disgusting, creepy-crawly, icky bug with a million legs which was at least a foot long. 😵

Reminded me of the bug in Kafka’s Metamorphosis, although that one was more like a cockroach if memory serves… 😳

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