Unschooling: then and now

When my mom was a Kindergarten-aged child in the late 1940s, she regularly skipped class.

No one kept attendance, it seems. Or if they did it wasn’t as rigid as it is today with automated phone calls and amber alerts all over media…

For added perspective: try to imagine a small city in Switzerland, near the metropolitan city of Zürich, during the late 1940s and early 1950s…kids in general were not really parented in the way that we do it today.

I think most of us know this. 🙂

So anyway, here is my mom as a child, with long, brown braids, marching off to Kindergarten every morning while her mom tended to several younger girls at home.

Except, on some days, my mom didn’t go to Kindergarten at all. Just decided it was much more interesting to hang around anywhere else. 😉

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Public education: not a rant but an invitation to chime in

Yesterday a fellow hockey mom and I met at a school hockey game and had a brief chat about our sons’ school.

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