Attainable and unattainable life goals

Do you write resolutions for the New Year? Or do you have a bucket list?

I don’t have either. I don’t typically set goals or plan things beyond the immediate short-term requirements.

But I’ve been thinking about it. Continue reading “Attainable and unattainable life goals”

The horrible day that Tuesday usually is…

…turned out not so horrible after all.

I wrote an amazing story today which I wanted to share with a friend, but I’m still editing it a bit here and there. This happened this morning, before I had to go walk a dog which, lucky for me, occurred prior to the rain falling. Continue reading “The horrible day that Tuesday usually is…”

Ideal vs Reality – working or writing from home

Many of us have opportunities to work from home either because we are employed with that flexibility built in, self-employed in a home office, or freelancers.

But with this opportunity comes a catch. Because all ideals like this usually have some sort of a catch. The catch often comes down to this:

Preparation and Organization

For most of us, I think it comes down to a combination of both. There are days when I marvel at my own organization and advanced preparation skills. Other days, not so much.

Mindfulness and focus is key here. (Until the family wakes up. Ha.)

So, since I’m on a roll here with words tumbling out of my mouth, I thought I might as well jot down my ideal work day from home and compare it to my actual work day from home. Continue reading “Ideal vs Reality – working or writing from home”

Paying for it: the intricate and complicated details of paying for kids activities

This post was partly prompted by some articles about household money I’ve been reading in various places around the web recently. The topics are especially prevalent when it comes to double income couples who end up single income couples when one parent stays home with the kids. What happens to the money? Is it accessible by both parents equally? Does someone get an allowance? How do people stay on top of the daily flow of cash, particularly when the incidentals become more frequent (with older kids, for example, who join a variety of sports or other activities)?

Every family has their own way of dealing with the household money. We have a way that works for us, but I’ll tell you something, being responsible for the cash flow is neither fun, nor easy.

And the worst part is the checks. Not just the endless writing of them, but keeping track of them. Continue reading “Paying for it: the intricate and complicated details of paying for kids activities”

The whiteboard has killed the drill sergeant

About two weeks before school started, I bought a whiteboard and a pack of colourful dry-erase markers.

Whiteboard daily reminder list

The last two weeks of summer and the first week of school coincided with a dizzying array of activities, some ending, some beginning, and a tournament looming. Add to that the start of school, a new schoolbus for one child and a new public transportation routine for the other, I anticipated some headaches (mostly for me).

This year, the family will be forced to accept that schedules are a necessary evil in this house because I am sick to death of yelling and repeating commands all day long like some sort of drill sergeant.

The white board has been my saviour!

I’m happy to explain why this works:

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