Tucker plays with a broom

This time, Sir Tucker the Beaglehound wanted to play with the already half-destroyed broom.

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Today I took my mom to the vet.

Ok, that came out wrong. πŸ˜‚ I did take her to the vet but it wasn’t she who needed veterinary care – la di da – it was a guinea pig who did. πŸ™ƒ

Who wants to know the whole sordid, smelly ordeal? I’m sitting here in my empty, quiet house (I probably just jinxed it) with a Nutella covered peanut butter cookie and tea, wondering how to process the last few days.

Because… drama. (You have been warned.)

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Adamantly opposed

Does this title mean anything to anyone?

It doesn’t to the humans around here. Nor to furry creatures, either. Like this dude here:

Tucker the Beagle puppy about 10 weeks old.

Tucker on Grandma’s lap about 13 weeks old.

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Lockdown Easter lunchtime

Continuation of Easter morning

We seem to have a problem with our guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs Nugget and Oreo with their trusty owner Girl Child.

After we feasted on our Easter breakfast, everyone went off to do their own thing.

I was sitting on my bed trying to finish reading an ebook that is due today. Since someone else had put it on hold it will disappear from my phone tonight and I’m only half-way through.

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The Monkey Bread saga – part 2

The continuation of the Monkey Bread saga continues…click here for part 1 from yesterday.

* * *

My tween girl and I were baking bread (me) and Monkey Bread (her).Β  While the doughs were rising, and the dishes piling up, and I had my back turned for a moment, she disappeared.

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