When one is not writing one is blogging

Today I chased a butterfly.

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Edging closer to the covid-abyss

Every night I look at the global covid maps. I want to see how other places are doing with reopening and easing of restrictions.

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Lock-down Sunday – part 2

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds never made it down to my ‘hood. According to the twitter feed that tracks these things, they turned somewhere around the iconic CN Tower downtown, which is east of my little SW corner neighbourhood, and then headed north.

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Hello from snowed-in Toronto. You may or may not have noticed I have changed my first name out of all the apps I could think of…I got scammed, and I will blog about that later, when I get confirmation. I think what happened was someone is posing as a mom from the ‘hood – I’m in the process of verifying with another email address I have for her that she is not sending me that email (and requesting money)… Anyway, stay tuned. I’m working on not quitting writing…but I have my hands full at the moment. Also, I will have … Continue reading Changes

So far, instead of writing, I 

Ate some oatmeal buns dough Ate 2 packs of Halloween peanut M&Ms I took out of the kids’ stash Ate leftover rice casserole  Stared at the laundry basket on the ottoman in front of the tv Ignored the 6 other laundry baskets downstairs Walked past the 4 bins and 2 bags parked by the still closed ceiling door leading to the attic where the bins should go Read some blogs and commented or liked Watched 2 cooking shows Searched for #CollegeStrike news Watched a union president speak at a rally to a reporter Smashed the dough of my oatmeal buns … Continue reading So far, instead of writing, I