If you’re in the GTA you’re invited!

I live in the Greater Toronto Area and I have been invited to a Holiday Pop Up market as a vendor. This will take place in Alderwood, a tiny neighbourhood at the bottom of the 427. I don’t live in that neighbourhood, but that’s where the pop up market will be at. So. Email me for the address and come on by on Sunday December 12 in the afternoon between 2:30 and 5 and check out my jewelry and other crafts made by local vendors. Note: I take custom orders for bracelets, necklaces, earrings or anything else you can think … Continue reading If you’re in the GTA you’re invited!

Drama in the neighbourhood

Something exciting and dramatic happened today. I say exciting because it’s not something that happens every day in my neighbourhood, much less on my street. But for us poor schmucks in lockdown, exciting means it’s a diversion from the same old routine, right?

This is what happened.

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A container of food for the little old lady

The other day I went over to take Molly, the Schnoodle pup who just celebrated her 12th birthday, for a walk and then on to my house for a change of scenery.

(Scroll down and check out my Instragram feed of Molly’s head on my leg, preventing me from getting up and doing just about anything that day…)

Her female human is recuperating from a lengthy medical procedure and appreciated my offer to sit the pooch. The male human was at work.

As I entered the house, we exchanged some chit chat while simultaneously paying attention to a very barky Molly. Then, on my way out the door, my friend handed me a Tupperware container full of food.

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