Actions and consequences

There are consequences for actions. We all need reminders of this, now more than ever.

I have trouble with this sometimes. Trouble with my own actions and their consequences. I’m trying hard to be clear, up front,  straight forward instead or RE-acting, lashing out. It’s not easy, and at no other time in my life have I experienced more doubt, more anxiety or had more questions about just this topic than during the journey of parenting.

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I want to write about:

  • The ultra-religious Muslims, their face/body coverings, the new rules/laws in Quebec, their dress ‘code’…but I don’t.
  • The plastic bags I request from the grocery store, when I know I shouldn’t, but do anyway. But I don’t.
  • The school system and how it’s failing my kids, but I don’t.
  • The political system here in this country and how it pisses me off. But I don’t.
  • Anxiety and how it affects my kids. But I don’t.
  • The #MeToo movement. But I don’t.
  • I have much to write about. I don’t.

What is holding me back?

#NaBloPoMo #AmWriting




We all need to take a moment every once in a while to consider just how thankful we could (and should) be. Everyone is super busy and the little, important things get overlooked, buried in the hectic-ness of life.

I also had a revelation recently. Quite by accident, I found out who Honest Toddler’s mom is. And…she’s American (I knew this) who is living in Canada! Did you know this? I did not know this. And she came out of anonymity!

Such a joy to read her tweets. Both before and now!

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Drowning in minutiae

Preamble: As a SAHM with two kids in rep sports, my working life is sporadic at best. It is currently non-existent which is no one’s fault but my own. I focus on blogging or writing for the habit and pleasure of it, enter contests to challenge myself, and sometimes submit to or accept contract positions to edit work or write articles. I spend most of my time at home trying to keep the family unit running and healthy. It never occurred to me back in the day when I had infants and toddlers that life could get this hectic with school-aged kids, who are also active in sports. This is the reason for the tone of this post…a post I wrote in order to adhere to my commitment to keep writing during NaBloPoMo.


I read a lot of blogs. Social media, too. And news. Twitter.

I follow carefully, only entities or people who inform or entertain eloquently or thought-provokingly,  and show potential for engagement with likes and especially comments. Engagement is a lifeline when in the trenches of parenthood.

Here’s the thing: all this reading should inspire me to write more. Or write better.

In actual fact, it does. My drafts inside my WordPress profile, or in various other places, are full of ideas. Unrefined and incomplete ideas, that is.

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Writing on the other blog

Writing this week has been such a challenge. And for those of you who are writing books, novels, or anything, you know what it’s like when you hit a dry phase….annoying.

Some of the advice I got from my past two posts was to just write something, even if it’s drivel.

Well I wrote some drivel, but then I also wrote this.

So far, instead of writing, I 

  • Ate some oatmeal buns dough
  • Ate 2 packs of Halloween peanut M&Ms I took out of the kids’ stash
  • Ate leftover rice casserole 
  • Stared at the laundry basket on the ottoman in front of the tv
  • Ignored the 6 other laundry baskets downstairs
  • Walked past the 4 bins and 2 bags parked by the still closed ceiling door leading to the attic where the bins should go
  • Read some blogs and commented or liked
  • Watched 2 cooking shows
  • Searched for #CollegeStrike news
  • Watched a union president speak at a rally to a reporter
  • Smashed the dough of my oatmeal buns on the counter and beat the crap out of it
  • Hurt my shoulder in doing that
  • Placed the buns in the oven for a second rise
  • Took some Ibuprofen
  • Heated up the beanbag in the microwave and placed it on my neck
  • Read Twitter
  • Wrote this post.


    #AmWritingInNovemberDay3: the wrong way to text

    When I have multiple texts going on my phone, the display shows the name of the person texting on the left, and the first line of the actual text on the right.

    To see the whole text, I need to click it and open it up.

    I think that’s pretty standard for most phones.

    So imagine how I felt when my partner texted me a few days ago and I saw this:

    Him: had a car accident today

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    Rice casseroles: will they eat it?

    I am shamelessly stealing the ‘will they eat it’ idea from Andrea here because 1) it’s a great idea for a blog post and 2) who doesn’t constantly think and worry about dinner? And what’s more, is the effort of making dinner going to be appreciated, and actually eaten, by the minions in your house?


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