Fun songs with cringeworthy lyrics

I listened to the ABBA Gold album yesterday while cleaning/sweeping/swiffering/cooking with my wireless headset on my head, singing and dancing along to all the tunes.

Family gave me some sideway glances. I didn’t care!

Dog was… confused, but guess what? I didn’t care!

I amazed myself that I knew the words to most of the songs…

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The power ballad that entered my head

I think many of you know I’m a GenXer. I was influenced by 80s music and all that. I listen to radio stations in the car that play 80s music, and I have a list in my Spotify account with mostly 80s music.

Just the other day, a song popped up that hasn’t been played in forever. I forgot about this song even though it was played a million times when I was in school. Continue reading “The power ballad that entered my head”

Music, spotify and random thoughts

Recently, Bryan Adams gave a concert in a town not far from Toronto. The radio stations have been playing his songs all the time lately, sometimes two an hour.  With that, I traveled down memory lane to my high school days when he was up and coming and very popular (here in Canada).

Cuts like a Knife
Summer of ’69
Run to You
One Night Love Affair

I created a playlist in Spotify so I can listen to him at will (or until I’ve had enough.)  🙂 Continue reading “Music, spotify and random thoughts”