More of the same – planning the plan

There is a debate going on in this household that involves moving.

For years various people in this family have wanted to move. But everyone has a different reason why we should move, and where we should move to. (Half the family – dad and daughter- wants to move to the country, the other half – mom and son – do not.)

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Alternate realities? When dreams speak to us…

When I woke up this morning I was startled and confused. I had the most absurd, ridiculous, dream.

In my dream, my partner had bought a house with a lot of property.

In real life, this has been a thing we’ve been arguing talking about for a number of years now. Back when the kids were little, I would not have minded moving out of the city. Now? I’m not keen.

He is though. More so than ever before.

We are not on the same page when it comes to the topic of where, or how to live.

Given the corona pandemic, none of it is of any importance now. We’re locked down and going to be for a while. So there’s that.

But what about the dream then? Why would I dream that we have a new house?

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