Morning chit chat

My ear hurts. The one I can still hear out of. This sucks, but also doesn’t. Perhaps today will be a welcome quiet day for me? I could write more, since there’s nothing else to do these days, and without hearing things like people talking, I may be able to concentrate better…

I woke with the ear pain this morning. I am not prone to ear infections at all. I can clearly remember only one ear infection ever, and that was some years ago. Never in childhood or any other time when I was sick with Meningitis. Which is interesting because the illness caused me to lose much of my hearing…

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Sneaky beagle story, and some other chit chat

This morning was cold. Frigid. I know some states close to the border near me have snow and I know snow is in the forecast for Toronto this week so when I opened the door to let the Beagle puppy out for a pee I was… cold.

But the house was warm. I didn’t have my housecoat on and went to make coffee and all that stuff. It was still dark out at just past 6 am.

I typically leave the door slightly ajar so the dog can get back inside without me. Right?

Well after I made coffee and puttered around with the pillows on the couch and picked up my phone and made myself comfortable I realized Tucker wasn’t in his usual spot expecting a snuggle from me.

So I got back up and wandered over to the back door. I was not wearing a housecoat but figured a quick call would be enough to bring the pooch back inside.


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Detouring with a little rant

Disclaimer: This is a rant about covid. If you live in an American State or some nation that is open for business as usual, please don’t comment here with a political agenda. You can comment if you want, but think twice before you hit publish if you’re going to tell me how you had a steak dinner in a restaurant or went to a party at some club or how all your stores are not going out of business because they are all open and functioning as normal. I don’t give a flying fuck crap which way you lean in terms of your political orientation or covid and I don’t want to engage, or have my readers engage, in a political pissing contest on my platform. Please and thank you. I’m just ranting here to get the unfairness of all this crap out of my system. #SorryNotSorry


My email exploded. There’s a bunch of messages coming through from the hockey manager. My teenager, who is 15, has played competitive hockey since the age of 4. This is probably his third last year of playing competitive – after he graduates from grade 12 (he’s in grade 10) he will probably be done. Unfortunately, this year has been nothing short of a clusterfuck.

For obvious reasons.

But here’s the thing.

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