Homework anxiety after school absence

I admit that I am not the most patient person in the world.

There, I said it. Now the internet knows.

Look, I get it that when a kid is sick and misses a week of school, the prospect of going back is a little overwhelming. My younger one has a bit of performance anxiety under normal circumstances, never mind after a week of absence. I get it.

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Happy Tuesday, and a little auto-correct funny

Tuesday is a fantastic day for me. The entire clan will be out of the house! Time to crank up some Aerosmith and dance around the house…?

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Combating the lack of urgency to get to school on time

It’s Monday! The first day of the work and school week, the to-do list, the planning and scheduling…but most importantly:

The return of the complete lack of urgency to get to school on time.

Let me ask you something:

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Parenting tweens: wearing the chauffeur hat

Sometimes, when weekends are busier than schooldays, I let the kids sleep an extra 15 minutes on Monday morning and offer to drive them to school. This week I did just that. The weather was crappy and one kid had a sore ankle. I decided to drive them.

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The strange things tween boys eat at the food court

Yesterday, after several days of arguing negotiating debating encouraging talking about pants shopping, my 12yo decided he would tolderate a trip to the mall with me.

“But only if I get food!” he said.

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