The Raging Gimlet™, some spilled coffee and a few ebooks

I told one of my followers yesterday I wanted to write about the Raging Gimlet™ but now that I have spilled coffee and extra laundry and a wet rug and an agitated beagle I’m not in the mood anymore.

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A bunch of minor mishaps…

I made soup today. I specifically bought a package of beef cubes to use in soups or stews because it’s getting to that time of year when a pot of soup bubbling on the stove is one of those comforting things.

I love hearty, beefy soups with a thick broth flavoured with tomatoes, beans, kale or chard, onions and garlic. And a lot of nice spices too.

The last ingredient I was going to add into my soup was mushrooms. I bought those yesterday specifically because I knew I was going to make soup this week.

However. The mushroom pack has disappeared. It is gone. Vanished into thin air.

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A day of mishaps

I will begin my story with the happy ending: I’m home, no one was hurt, maimed, killed or sent to jail today despite the weather that could have caused all of the above, and I have tea and a pecan butter tart.

Still interested in my many mishaps? Read on, then…

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