Guilty verdict in elementary school: boy vs girl

Learning that life is not fair is a hard lesson for any kid to face. Hearing mixed messages from educators at school, parents and other well-meaning adults makes it all the more confusing for them. With the current social climate of #metoo, I  worry how we’ll navigate the upcoming teen years. Don’t you? Even if your kids aren’t teenagers yet, they will be…

The following story happened to my son when he was about 9 or 10 (so approximately three years ago), and I have permission from him to tell this story here. Your feedback is both welcome and encouraged, especially if you’re parenting the same age group as mine.

I would really like to know what parents, like me, think about this.

* * *

The rules on the school bus are simple:

Stay in your seat, speak quietly, don’t eat or read or get up and walk around.

The bus driver’s primary responsibility is to drive the bus safely. His or her eyes should be on the road at all times. The bus driver is not a babysitter.

This is common knowledge and all of us, parents, teachers, bus drivers, even board administrators discuss this with the kids.

But we are dealing with kids here. This isn’t an excuse, it’s just a fact. Kids don’t always obey rules, and they get themselves, and others, into trouble. Often unintentionally.

Because they’re kids. They don’t always THINK before they ACT.

What bugs me is the mixed messages that are coming from the school system.

Here in Canada, the message is loud and clear:

We are all equal. Treat everyone the same.

But when it comes down to it, the school does not follow this message at all.

Unfortunately I’m not making this up.

This does not mean I don’t respect teachers and principals who guide and teach our students today. I have nothing but respect for them. In my son’s case, the principal manages a school with 900 kids; this is no small feat. 

And still, the mixed messages are continually perpetuated toward our elementary students.

May I illustrate?

Will you read?

Will you think about this? Continue reading “Guilty verdict in elementary school: boy vs girl”

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