The tiniest mistake

I had a profound revelation today which created one of those Aha moments people talk about right before they change their life.

Here’s what happened:

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Exploring the senses: acute sense of smell

I’ve always had a strong sense of smell, possibly inherited from my maternal grandmother. She, too, expressed her keen sense of smell whenever she became alert to some odour, such as the gas being left on in the kitchen, or a specific type of cooking aroma wafting through the air into her vicinity.

I type this from my bedroom at my mom’s house, sitting propped against pillows on my futon, hot coffee on the side table. I was reading a book about neuroscience when suddenly, I smelled toast. 🍞

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16 years ago

As I type this shortly after lunch, I would have still been in labour 16 years ago today. Contractions began at 2 am so I was driven to hospital where they declared me dilated enough to remain in hospital, but it would still be hours before the baby was born. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚

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Life lessons: sketching nude models (part 2)

This post is the second part of a story I recalled while walking down memory lane. It involves a life drawing class with nude models. It may interest you to read part 1 first, and I would highly encourage you to read the comments, as well.

Given the interesting events of the first nude model drawling class, and the subsequent attention from a male student in a dorm, I spent the rest of my week fretting.

Partly I was intrigued about the the philosopher student’s offer to pose nude for me in the name of ‘practicing’ my sketching. But it was weird; he was a few years older, and he had a fiancΓ©e I had never even seen in the dorm.

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How one episode of Big Bang Theory made me reminisce the last 12 years

(Disclaimer: long story about my early days as a mom with a toddler and an infant.)

On Monday night I watched a bunch of syndicated Big Bang Theory episodes. As always, they were funny and entertaining, but one in particular kind of threw me for a loop. It somehow sparked a weird, long, complicated memory of my early mom days from 12 years ago.

I sat in my bed immediately after that episode finished, and typed out the convoluted mess that my subconscious dredged up into my blog.

You’re welcome. 😊

I hereby caution you: the following post is lengthy, ugly, painful, and maybe just a little bit insightful. If you are in a delicate state of mental health at the moment maybe skip over this one.

You have been warned.❗

After I typed it out, I realized something: watching tv is hazardous to my mental health.

Either that, or it’s therapeutic.

Yeah, let’s go with the second one. Catharsis, if you will.

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5. Vacation memories: exhaustion and a trip down memory lane – part 1

We took our kids from Toronto, Canada to Switzerland on vacation. This is our adventure.

This is a multi-part series.

  1. Vacation memories: travel day – part 1
  2. Vacation memories: travel day – part 2
  3. Vacation memories: from flight attendant to passenger 20 years later
  4. Vacation memories: arrival in Zurich


My aunt had a lovely snack prepared for us after we finally arrived in my childhood home town via Uber, and we sat down to get reacquainted with her. She had met my partner before, about 20 years earlier, but she had not met the kids. Continue reading “5. Vacation memories: exhaustion and a trip down memory lane – part 1”

Creative Writing – Stupid Cow

This is a story my mom told me about our time in Switzerland during the 1970s. The story happened to my sister, although not exactly like this. I put a spin on it since I wasn’t there…I was probably at Kindergarten while she and my baby brother were hanging around with my mom in the apartment.

I remember the apartment building vividly, as well as the parking lot and the sandbox. I also clearly remember that order and cleanliness were very big preoccupations for the Swiss adults during that time.

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