How we’re navigating the mask-no-mask dilemma in Toronto 🇨🇦

Disclaimer: this is an observation about the mask-no-mask situation in my province 🇨🇦. Share your perspective but don’t shame or ridicule anyone please. I’m not afraid to delete or block derogatory comments.

I scanned some headlines the other day and came across one that irked me a little. I’m going to express my view on it here because this is my blog and I do what I want here. The article pointed out that it’s easy to spot a Canadian in an American airport. (I’m not going to link to it, I’m not a fan of that particular newscast.)


Because apparently, Canadians are all wearing masks.

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You better be good, Monday

I returned to my house and family yesterday afternoon and went to bed at 6:00 o’clock. I woke up the next morning a quarter after 8:00 a.m. Frankly, that’s too much sleep.

I did not sleep well. The pain in my neck and shoulder is still here, although not as bad as it was before, but I’m getting fed up now. I canceled the last two massages but I will go on Wednesday because I think part of the problem is my back is really tight. I will continue to stretch, maybe up the time a little bit, and hope I can finally get rid of that pinched nerve or whatever is challenging me. If by April things haven’t improved significantly I’m going to book a physio session.

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A little about mask experiences (type of material, hygiene practices)

The mask wearing thing will be with us for a long while, I think.

People around me seem to have generally accepted this fact and are carrying on to the best of their abilities. I mean, most people are sick to death living with so many restrictions so if they’re given a chance to *do* something besides sit in the house, but are forced to wear a mask, they do it.

We do it. Wear the masks, that is.

But I wonder if people are applying proper hygiene practices to their mask wearing habits.

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The coming months of isolation

Yesterday evening, I took my kid to the rink for the first time in seven-ish months. She had to be dressed in full gear except for helmet and skates. There would be no dressing rooms available, no parents allowed into the arena, no use of the water fountain to refill bottles of water.

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Hardships and plight: coping with the new normal

It appears I am completely, utterly alone in my hardship and plight. 🙄

I have neither hardship nor plights of any kind. Most of the time… 😉

Something happened today that was a little unusual. Perhaps I will entertain you here. It has to do with this unique situation we all find ourselves in, this covid/pandemic/restrictions/protocol thing we have been forced to adjust to.

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