The trouble with lunch: school lunches, mom lunches

The time of year is approaching where making lunches is starting to wear on us parents. Here in Canada the school year starts in September right after Labour Day, and continues until the end of June. It’s a long year to be making lunches every single weekday… Continue reading “The trouble with lunch: school lunches, mom lunches”

The case for the Bento Box style school lunch

Lunch, like homework, is such a preoccupation for today’s parents of school-aged children, it’s like a second job. Or, I mean, third job what with homework policing already taking up the second job category…

But I will say this. I DEFEND the bento box.

Now, having said that, I don’t mean the cutsie, colour-coordinated, pinnable bento boxes that are all over the web. I certainly don’t cut food into animal shapes, or purchase a lot of fancy (aka expensive) containers that will just get stolen or lost or crushed or thrown out.

bento box lunch
source: google search in images ‘bento box lunch’

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