Love is a battlefield

Song by Pat Benatar, released 1983.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on love. These are thoughts and observations which I translated into words as a method of processing.


Love has many avenues: family, romantic, self…

I suck at showing it to others. At expressing it. I always mess it up.

Either that or I suck at communication.

Probably that second part, mostly.

Do they see it when I show it? Do they hear it? Feel it?

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Love notes

My younger child is 11.

She is so full of love, and expresses this love in everyday life. Constantly. Not a day goes by when she doesn’t mention, or show it to me.

Even when she’s mad at me. Which is often enough…she’s a tween after all. 🙂

She expresses her love for those whom she loves with her words, her affection, her creativity.

I have to be extremely on guard with my cynical attitude on this topic to not destroy it for her.

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