Heightened state of annoyance

Look. I have been a mom of preschoolers. I have been a mom of fidgety kids. I have been a mom in rink lobbies and dressing rooms for over a decade.

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The whiteboard has killed the drill sergeant

About two weeks before school started, I bought a whiteboard and a pack of colourful dry-erase markers.

Whiteboard daily reminder list

The last two weeks of summer and the first week of school coincided with a dizzying array of activities, some ending, some beginning, and a tournament looming. Add to that the start of school, a new schoolbus for one child and a new public transportation routine for the other, I anticipated some headaches (mostly for me).

This year, the family will be forced to accept that schedules are a necessary evil in this house because I am sick to death of yelling and repeating commands all day long like some sort of drill sergeant.

The white board has been my saviour!

I’m happy to explain why this works:

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