Guided meditation: the journey

I have meditated in the past, on and off, mostly by doing focused breathing. When I began doing yoga along with my fitness routine (and mastering the side plank) I became more focused in my meditations. I began to understand the link between focused breathing and my body in ways I didn’t before.

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The numerical values of time, and what to do with it

I am not a numbers person. I have never been much of a math person. But today, I was inspired by some numbers.

The internet calculates things for us confused folk, hence, it was easy to lift the numerical values off the screen. All I have to do now is supplement them with my crafty words.

That is my jam, as you know. Words, not numbers.

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The night leading up to Saturday started out fine, with an early bedtime and some reading material. Right? It’s nice when they’re out at hockey and I can be alone for a small amount of time…

But around 1am, I found myself tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable and not succeeding. My neck was bothering me on my left side, I just couldn’t find a position that soothed the pain.

A bit later I realized it was actually a headache that was keeping me awake, probably coming from that stiff muscle in my neck.

By 2am I knew I was done.

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Fear and insecurities: why we seek justification or validation

Once upon a time many moons ago I remember asking someone why they carry the dog poop all the way home when they could just throw it in the receptacle at the park.

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Maintaining equilibrium at home during summer vacation

source: google search

That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of my state of mind during summer vacation so far.

Raising kids has that effect on a parent’s equilibrium, don’t you think? And the older they get, the more uncertain I get that my personal equilibrium remains intact.

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