Love doesn’t cost anything

Is it the time of year? The cooler months, the early darkness, the solitude and introspection that happens during the winter months in the northern hemisphere?

Life’s been busy-not-busy. I don’t know how else to describe it. There has been a lot of brewing in the background about upcoming events which will impact the economic bottom line, a major preoccupation on many people’s minds including mine. Conveniently, someone posted something about not going into dept just to prove your love this Christmas – typical of the so-called holiday shopping season frenzy, and a timely reminder.

I won’t participate. I simply won’t.

I do not have to buy something to show someone love.

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Chocolate-less Valentine’s Day

Don’t forget to participate in my polls about self-checkouts and I’ll link back to your blog when I post comments and results next week.

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So did everyone survive/enjoy Valentine’s Day?

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Snapshots on a cold Friday

Today I realized I failed at numerous goals I’ve set for myself for December, namely in the eating and drinking department.

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