Price mark-up at the snack bar

The other day I was at an older rink that had iffy looking water fountains, dirty bathrooms, and a long line at the snack bar. I rooted through my bag and realized I forgot to bring my water bottle.

I finally make it to the counter and ask for a bottle of water.

“$2.90”, the guy said.


I can by a case of 12 at the local No Frills for $1.88.

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Parenting tweens: wearing the chauffeur hat

Sometimes, when weekends are busier than schooldays, I let the kids sleep an extra 15 minutes on Monday morning and offer to drive them to school. This week I did just that. The weather was crappy and one kid had a sore ankle. I decided to drive them.

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Sports parenting between seasons: aka growing roots into the couch

Last Sunday, baseball ended with a silver medal for my 12 year old son. And with that, my schedule suddenly looked very empty. I deleted all the existing, pre-scheduled practices that were intended for preparations for the Provincials, and looked at the lovely, empty squares. Continue reading “Sports parenting between seasons: aka growing roots into the couch”

I’m no amateur hockey mom, but then this happened…

I’ve been a hockey mom since my oldest, now 11, was 5.

That’s a lot of years at the rink. And since we joined competitive, that time has only increased.

What I’m saying is, I’m not an amateur when it comes to schlepping kids to the rink.

Yet, here we are are the end of summer, it’s a gazillion degrees outside, and I lug my kid to the rink without my jacket. Continue reading “I’m no amateur hockey mom, but then this happened…”

When hockey season ends….

…it doesn’t quite end.¬†Not really. Because after the regular season finally concludes, there’s the playoff season, and when you get bumped out of that, you enter post-season tournaments, and after those are done, you have to go to try-outs to prepare for next season, which starts with a summer tournament in July followed by the dry-land training season which begins sometime in August….

last day hockey legs

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Kids activities, conflicts, schedules and drama

There is something to be said about explaining kids’ activity schedules to friends and family. Does this look familiar to you?

photo credit: Youth Hockey Chicago facebook page (
photo credit: Youth Hockey Chicago facebook page (

The way the professor is standing there, wondering why everyone is looking at him like he has horns…that could be me when I talk about hockeyringettegymnasticsplaydatesbirthdayparties and all the rest of it to various friends and family… Continue reading “Kids activities, conflicts, schedules and drama”