Summer and kids and groceries and slime

When I left home to do a big grocery shopping, my 10yo daughter had a friend here and they were making slime.

glue, shaving cream, borax and food color makes slime

Slime-making, I’ll have you know, is BIG ’round here with the tweens. Especially the tween girls.

Slime is fun!

I leave them with the husband and the dog and have no idea where the teenager disappeared to. I figured he’s plugged into fortnite, where else, but I didn’t check.

He was quite anxious to get home after our 45-minute bike-ride earlier…

Two hours later, I come home and the girl pal is still here making slime. (How much freaking slime do they need?)

As the husband holds the dog back, who can barely contain himself that I’m finally back where I belong, he announces this:

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Maintaining equilibrium at home during summer vacation

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That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of my state of mind during summer vacation so far.

Raising kids has that effect on a parent’s equilibrium, don’t you think? And the older they get, the more uncertain I get that my personal equilibrium remains intact.

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All in the family: forgetful mom and teen

Some days I feel like I can’t remember the most basic thing. I’m not talking about the endless looking for my reading glasses, leaving grocery lists at home, or keeping the kids schedule straight somehow. They invented apps for that, and mobile phones.

I’m talking about feeling so out of touch, frazzled, or exhausted that I have to pause momentarily to remember which side is left. Or to turn the stove off before leaving the house. Which incidentally happened to me last week, ironically because it was my teen who forgot something and asked me to bring it to school at lunch.

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