How to cook the food you hoarded

Q1: What does one cook for a family who is partially bored of staying in and socially distanced from their friends?

A1: I have some ideas…stay tuned. (It’s only been a few days here in Toronto, but it’s been much longer in other places and the internet educates us with their plight, creativity and humour.)

Q2: Who fights off boredom with incessant snacking and questions about what’s there to eat?

A2: Teenagers. They’re a hungry bunch. Bored teenagers are even hungrier. (And we’re only on day 3 of the social isolation…) Continue reading “How to cook the food you hoarded”

How to cheat at salad without cheating on the food budget

Sometimes the urge to pick up prepared meals at the higher-end grocery stores or markets is very enticing. These meals looks appetizing, I approve of the ingredient list, but I inevitably roll my eyes at the prices. Continue reading “How to cheat at salad without cheating on the food budget”