Music Lovers – Chapter 8

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Trigger warning: Ghosting. If you’re triggered by this topic (even though this story is fiction) perhaps wait until you’re in a better headspace to read on.

Deafening silence

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Samantha called her friend Rebecca during her lunch hour on Monday. She went to a staff room to get away from her desk and absentmindedly poked at her chicken spinach salad.

“I was worried about you,” Rebecca said a little agitated. “It’s not like you to not answer or respond, Sam.”

“I had plans,” Samantha said. “I went out.”

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Music Lovers – Chapter 7

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Reflective drive home

Later that Sunday, Adam arranged for Samantha to get her car back. By the time the afternoon had arrived, she was ready to head home and decompress. She dreaded the coming work week and wondered if she’d be able to concentrate at all.

Unsurprisingly, throughout the drive home, her thoughts kept returning to her night with Adam.

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Music Lovers – Chapter 6

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Foreplay and morning bliss

Disclaimer: sexual content, Premium Content*

*The erotic/sexually graphic portion of this story is locked up and accessible for $3.00 if you subscribe. Subscribing to this chapter gives you one-time access to this part only, not to all the locked content in this story. Thank you for your interest in Music Lovers.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Sitting in the hot tub with Adam felt wonderfully relaxing, but also a little naughty. They were both naked, and submersed completely under the bubbling water.

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Music Lovers – Chapter 4

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A special song with a message

When Samantha arrived at the concert venue and, with sheer luck of the draw, found a spot to park in, she suddenly felt a little hesitant. 

What am I doing here, she worried.

She didn’t even know where she was going.

She felt her old insecurities crop up again. But she quickly gave herself a pep talk to pull herself out of her funk. 

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Music Lovers – Chapter 3

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Pushing past comfort zones

Samantha went into her bedroom with Adam’s tickets for his concert and put them on her dresser. She stood in the middle of the small room and looked at the floor-length mirrored sliding doors of her closet.

She needed something to wear to this event. But what?

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Music Lovers – Chapter 2

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Delicious dreams

Disclaimer: sexual content

Image by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay

The following morning, Samantha woke up disoriented and confused. For a moment she didn’t know where she was.

She blinked a few times, looked around, and recognized her bedroom.

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Music Lovers – Chapter 1

A crash and some coffee

Photo by LinedPhoto on Unsplash

Samantha walked along a busy street lined with shops and storefronts, deep in thought and quietly humming a tune. Bundled up in her winter coat with half her face hidden behind her hat and scarf, she kept her head down to protect herself from the cold wind. Despite the tall buildings in this part of the downtown core, she could still feel the icy breeze whip around corners and slice into the exposed skin on her face.

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Writing, thinking, beading…

*this was formerly a title-less post 😱

What a week it’s been.

Oh wait, it’s only Wednesday… 😳

I have been writing. Purging. Focusing on teenagers. And staying indoors during the day – we have heat and humidity which is all wonderful after a long, cold, locked-down winter, but it’s too hot to do anything outside. Not as hot as Arizona or some places in the deep South (or…Australia), but with the humidex it reaches mid to late 30s C (90s F) which is often a bit headache-inducing. And tiring.

Between writing a kinky story on my other blog, I have been designing jewelry. This little hobby has been so therapeutic for me, I think it might evolve into a small obsession. 😃

Want to see?

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Dating app profile questions

As you know I signed up for a couple of dating apps as a way to supplement my fiction writing, and given by the feedback on that introductory post from many of you, it appears you want to know more about my experience.

Well, let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

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Developing a stand-alone story into more

A little while ago I released a short story on this blog as an experiment.

The story Stalemate (part 1) (1200ish words – under 10 minute read) was a stand-alone piece of fiction I created in which I explore character development in a romantic setting. If you’ve read it you will have noticed I deviated away from the standard romance genre…nothing Harlequin about my writing style. ☺

My aim was to write a sexually charged preamble, without actually delving into any sort of resolution. There was no happy ending, no steamy sex, no contact at all.

I wanted to create an introspective analysis of the protagonist as she reacted to a man who causes her much emotional turmoil. Basically, it was (supposed to be) about building tension between the two opposing characters.

I think I succeeded.

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