7.1 Vacation side note: what is wrong with me?

We interrupt regular reporting of vacation memories because of a major anxiety attack.Β  Mine.


Did you know I had anxiety issues? If you read here regularly you probably made that assumption, I would guess. I may have mentioned it once or twice. πŸ™„ Continue reading “7.1 Vacation side note: what is wrong with me?”

Emerging from the comfort zone: part 2

This post is part of a series. You can read part 1 here.

The other day was the Super Bowl in America. This is probably the only time I watch American Football up here in my little corner of southern Canada. Not so much for the sport, but for all the hoopla. You know, the commercials (fun), the halftime show (meh), the ridiculous amount of fan fare over some players (ugh)… it’s entertaining to me. Continue reading “Emerging from the comfort zone: part 2”

Fear and insecurities: why we seek justification or validation

Once upon a time many moons ago I remember asking someone why they carry the dog poop all the way home when they could just throw it in the receptacle at the park.

“This way no one can accuse me of not picking up the dog poop,” was the answer. Continue reading “Fear and insecurities: why we seek justification or validation”