Holding patterns

This is what my life feels like at the moment – suspended in a holding pattern. Like those planes, when they try to land at an airport but the airport is busy and the incoming plane has to wait its turn for a designated time slot to begin approach. They stack them, like a coil in the sky…

Anyway, I won’t go on about it, but today’s holding pattern (I have multiple ones, ugh) is brought to you by covid. Meh.

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Evil spell

A few weeks ago I had a first-time experience at a nail salon. πŸ’…

My 14 year old daughter was staying with me and my mom over parts of her spring break when she approached me with this:

“I know you’ve never been to a nail salon,” she said. “I thought it might be fun for us to do this together.”

Now, how can I say no to such a cute invitation?

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Quotes from a testimonial and a short update

You know how sometimes life throws you these curveballs?

Me before the curveball 😊

This is a baseball expression and means something unexpected and surprising happens for which you are unprepared.

Well it happened and it derailed me (again). But this time, it’s not a superficial misunderstanding, a miscommunication or some other unimportant-in-the-grand-scheme-of-things issue which left me hanging in mid air, unresolved.

Not this time.

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And then we lost grandma (she’s fine)

Seriously, if one more thing happens this week… Oh wait. It’s only Tuesday. πŸ™„

My teen girl and I were dealing with the aftermath of a phone call from a family member who had just called and talked to my mom.

Sonja and I were in the same room while she talked on the phone.

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My mother gave me a heart attack*

*not really πŸ₯΄

There is something peaceful about early mornings. It’s a time that belongs all to myself.

It’s quiet. Most, almost all people I know are still asleep. There’s a serenity that fuels my soul and spirit when the sky is showing just a hint of colour by the impending sunrise.

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Beagle shenanigans with tarot cards

The other day I tried to entice my daughter to select some tarot cards, just to pull her off her screens for a bit.

“Na,” she said. 😐

Ugh. This endlessness of lockdown will be the end of us all. I bet the kids will be the next thing to mutate, into robots probably. πŸ‘ΎπŸ€–

Anyway, I didn’t know what to do to excite her away from the screens. I thought a bit, then suggested we get Tucker involved.

“Let’s get Tucker to pull a card,” I proposed and immediately regretted speaking those words out loud.


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