Writer of words is talking words again (2 videos)

One way to try and overcome writer’s block is to talk to people. But I didn’t want to talk to the people who are here in this house (trust me, we’ve been together for seven covid-months and I have nothing left to say that hasn’t already been said a million times) so I chose to talk to you instead. 🙂

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Adamantly opposed

Does this title mean anything to anyone?

It doesn’t to the humans around here. Nor to furry creatures, either. Like this dude here:

Tucker the Beagle puppy about 10 weeks old.
Tucker on Grandma’s lap about 13 weeks old.

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Irritants and annoyances

Yes, this is a rant. So what. You don’t have to read it.

Today, I went grocery shopping. I hate shopping but I do it anyway. I bought most of everything on my list except toilet paper because everyone’s out again.

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Sunday thoughts

Every once in a while I cook an elaborate breakfast. Today, it was French toast. With the last loaf of bread, almost no maple syrup, but plenty of cinnamon and a tiny sprinkle of sugar. And some peameal bacon ha.

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Dramatic drama brought to you by puppy poop

Here’s the (not so) short version of what consumes my life at the moment:

Tucker at 10 weeks.



I slipped on the wet back porch, fell and landed in puppy poop this morning. He pooped on the deck, not on the grass. The deck is raised. We have to go down five steps to reach the lawn.

The maniac puppy can do this, navigate the steps. He does this every day a million times. IT’S NOT THE END OF THE FRICKIN’ WORLD.

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Looking ahead: reflections and gratitude


The end of 2020 will mark many endings, and a few new beginnings.

Redirect me to this statement next time I sound exasperated, exhausted, depressed, anxious or confused. (Basically every 15 minutes or so.) 😉

Something’s gotta give. So I’m writing down my master plan, a sort of directional instruction guide.

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20 minutes

Yesterday I had 20 minutes to myself. The entire day. Which began at 5 am.

I’m always up early. Mornings are my quiet time to write, or read. Except not now, because…puppy.

Me and 9 week old poop machine.

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Just another brain dump

Coffee outside is how may day begins today.

I have a headache. Not a “I’m sick, I have covid” headache, more like a dull ache coming from my neck.

I wonder if having a massage with a mask will be as effective as it was before covid, without a mask…My person usually has the massage room filled with low light and a pleasant scent from some relaxing essential oils. Is this still going to be a thing now with mask wearing in indoor places? Are scents still something we can continue to enjoy under conditions like during a massage? Continue reading “Just another brain dump”

A shortened weekend away from home

The air is thick like soup today. ☀

I could barely rise this morning. Might be my iron levels…right before the covid-shutdown occurred in March I had a blood test and I registered a 2 on my levels. (Women in my age group should be about 60 or higher). So I took supplements and increased the use of cast iron pan cooking, added Swiss Chard with stems to all my dishes, loaded up on reputable meat choices yada yada…

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