Ring, ring, why don’t you answer the phone?

Do you answer your personal (not work) smartphone when it rings randomly/unexpectedly?

Do you answer your home landline phone, if you still have one?

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How to spot email scammers and hackers

About two or three years ago I got an email from a local mom who was organizing a fundraising ball hockey tournament. Her son and mine went to school together, right through grade 8 and are now in high school together.

I don’t know her, really, but I’ve met her once or twice. My son knows the boy but they are not really hanging out much. They are casual friends, kind of thing. Classmates.

The mom and I, we don’t really communicate over apps. Unless she or I need support for youth sports fundraising, we don’t typically connect.

Which is why it was a little weird when she sent me an email.

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