Good morning.

A horrible, terrible thing has happened and I am officially in electronic detox-land. 😲 Continue reading “Phonelessness™”

2020 can shove it

I rarely wear jeans. I used to as an 80s teenager because that’s what teenagers in the 80s wore, but nowadays? Nah.

I especially don’t wear jeans while committed to the house like some common criminal on house arrest during this endless covid-fiasco. I usually wear tights or yoga pants, something comfortable and easy and, you know…stretchy. Continue reading “2020 can shove it”

About oversleeping, hockey practice and alarm clocks

Last Saturday, for the first time in seven years of minor hockey, we all overslept past a practice.

Well, theoretically, the boy still made it to practice, but the point is, the usual Saturday morning routine was completely disrupted. Instead of a full-fledged high-protein breakfast I threw a half toast and microwaved-poached egg sandwich at both the boy and his dad, along with a nut bar in a package, and some OJ and said…’buy something at the snack bar between practices’ because of course that Saturday the coach had two back-to-back ice rentals booked.

We rarely have two practices in one day. And now, we missed part of the first practice.

The question was, why did we sleep in? Continue reading “About oversleeping, hockey practice and alarm clocks”