Health, injuries, aches and pains: when mom needs medical assistance

I did something dumb yesterday.

No, let me try this again. I made a decision that didn’t please some of my family, at first, but in hindsight maybe I should have presented it differently.

Does this many any sense? I’m learning, very slowly it seems, that how one communicates is as important as the actually message being communicated.

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Filling up on chickpeas, and keeping eczema at bay

Chickpeas are one of the healthiest foods you can eat.

To reduce the effects of eczema on my hands and arms I stopped eating foods that came in packages. Crackers and cookies, sauces and dips, and even condiments. This had a detoxing sort of effect on my liver and kidneys and I cannot tell you how quickly (relatively speaking) the eczema became less irritating. I endured three weeks of diligent ‘whole foods only’ diet with massive amounts of water to flush everything toxic out of my system.

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The challenges of living with eczema

I started my day without coffee today.

I had a tea, instead. With the tiniest amount of milk.

It’s just about the worst day to cut coffee from your diet: it’s February in Canada, it’s grey and raining (not even snowing), it’s cold, it’s miserably…I look forward to my coffee every day.


I cannot get rid of this eczema that is bothering my wrists, my hands, and now moving up along the arms.

hand and wrist eczema

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